When choosing a house one of the things that one questions is where they want there house to be. On this blog we talk about living by the sea, in the city and on a farm. So if you are still indecisive about where you want to live, this blog could help you answer that.

The Sea

There are many benefits when it comes to living by the sea and these include:

  • A good nights sleep. Don’t you just hate it when you can’t sleep, especially when you have work the next day. Okay you may be asking why does living by the sea allow for a peaceful sleep. Well, the air at the coast is different because it is charged with negative ions. Now that allows for the body to absorb oxygen more easily. What does this mean? Well it makes the serotonin equalize causing you to have a more peaceful sleep.
  • The sun. Our bodies need the sun. The sun causes our bodies to naturally generate vitamin D. What is so great about vitamin D? It’s a vitamin that improves our immune system and strengthens our bones. This does not mean you should be exposed to too much sun light though, too much of anything isn’t good.
  • Seafood. Okay not just seafood but FRESH seafood. It can be difficult finding a place that sells fresh seafood. Well, if you live by the sea you are surrounded by restaurants that have delicious seafood.
  • Your family will love visiting. Your place will be the home to go to when your family goes on holiday. Welcome to being the most favourite aunt/ sister/ brother to visit.

Unfortunately there comes disadvantages too..

  • It is more expensive.
  • The air by the coast can cause damage to your cars body over a long period of time.
  • Stuff in your home that has steel will be very likely to rust due to the air.

Looking To move to the sea?

Great! We have listed some awesome places to stay at in CPT and DBN.

Cape Town

  1. Atlantic Seaboard. This area is located at the western side of Table Mountain. Nearly all of the houses in this area have breathtaking views of the sea. It is known to be one of the most popular places to stay at in South Africa.
  2. Blouberg Coast. This area is situated around the edge of Table Bay, you can just imagine how beautiful this area must be. There is also a wide range of available housing so you are almost guaranteed to find a house.  Schools are only 5kms away from the are
  3. Hout Bay. This place lies to the south west area of Cape Town. In this area there is safe beaches, lots of walking trials, horse riding and LOTS more activities.
  4. False Bay. There are many water activities that you can take part in that doesn’t require you to travel far.  This is more of a holiday home area because amenities aren’t close by.


  1. Umhlanga. This is a very popular area for both tourists and the locals. It is an amazing place to relax and have fun while overlooking the beautiful beach.  Umhlanga is situated on the east coast of South Africa. There is very popular and up-market shopping centers in the area. This is the place to be.
  2. Amanzimtoti is located south of Durban. Amanzimtoti is known for its warm climate and lots of beaches. If you love wildlife then this is the place for you because Amanzimtoti is home to wildlife such as Cape clawless otters, blue duiker and spotted ground-thrush.


In The City

You not sure if you want to live in the city or not? Well there are some amazing advantages:

  • You are close to shops. This is definitely an amazing advantage because many people don’t want to travel far to go to a shop or out for friends. If this is you, living in the city is perfect.
  • Jobs. If you have ever lived in a small town you probably know there aren’t many job opportunities in the area. Most of the jobs are in built up areas and that is why if you live in a city that is built up you wont have to travel far to work and back.
  • Diversity. Living in the city allows you to meet lots of people with different cultures. The diversity of people, food and neighborhoods is awe inspiring. The city allows all of this.
  • Schools. Being in a city gives you a wide variety of schools to choose from. You don’t have to settle for a school just because its the only one in the area.
  • Always something to do. Living in a small town gives you limited opportunities on where to go and what to do on the weekend. Living in a city leaves you with limitless opportunities. There is always something to do! (Art galleries, night markets, movies, parties, events, etc…)

The disadvantages:

  • Unfortunately it isn’t the quietest of places. At night you won’t hear the sound of the crickets chirping but rather cars driving.
  • When going to work the traffic will be worse in cities because it is higher populated area.
  • Cost of living is higher in cities as compared to quieter areas.
  • Usually when living in a city pollution is part of the deal.
  • There is always more crime in the cities as compared to quieter areas.

If you are interested in living in the city we have listed some awesome places to look out for!


  1. Sandton is a thriving and exciting area to stay in. If you are looking for a place to stay in where there is always something to do then Sandton is the place for you.
  2. Pretoria . If you don’t know yet the Mall Of Africa has opened up and its near Pretoria. Its the biggest mall in South Africa and is an iconic hub.
  3. Johannesburg is a vibrant and rich city! Its a city that is full of diversity. It is one of a kind.

Cape Town

  1. Simons Town. This area is a town that is home tot he South African Navy. It is located by False Bay. This is not only a town but also a place that is near the beach, two in one! You can just walk down the road and you will see penguins waddling to the sea. This is definitely a popular area to live in.
  2. Camps bay. This area is home to many popular restaurants and the beautiful blue sea. Victoria road is the road that is full with restaurants, pubs, out of the ordinary shops and the beautiful sea. This is a very popular place to stay at.
  3. Clifton. Clifton is known for its beautiful beaches and warm weather. If you choose to live in Clifton you won’t only be near amenities but also will be overlooking a beautiful blue sea with yachts sailing. It is a mix between the busy and quiet life.
  4. Sea Point. This is the urban hub that is located on the edge of the Atlantic. This place is the hub of pubs, music clubs, coffee shops, restaurants and a lovely beach to walk along. What more could you ask for?


  1. Musgrave. This is known to be one of the popular suburbs in Durban. The demand for houses in Musgrave are high, this proves that it is a very popular place to stay. With looking at statistics majority of buyers and sellers are aged under 35. This shows that it is the hub for the youngsters.
  2. Morningside. This is definitely known to be another popular area to stay in. There is no specific age group of buyers because it is widely spread. So both the youngsters and those more advanced in life can feel comfortable living here. There is great schools in the area so there is no need to worry about the children’s education.
  3. Durban North. This is known to be a popular area for young families. There is also excellent schools in this area. There is also beautiful family homes in this area and that is probably why people aged between 36-49 are loving this area.

On The Farm

Living on a farm allows for peace and tranquility. Many people lean more towards this way of living rather than the hustle and bustle of the city.


  • Peace & Quiet.
  • Lower crime rate.
  • Fresh air.
  • Less pollution.
  • More greenery.
  • More space.


  • You have to travel far to get to big shopping centers.
  • Good colleges and universities usually aren’t found in the area.
  • You have to drive far to get access to amenities.
  • Not many jobs in the country side.

The farm live doesn’t suit everyone’s lifestyle but if you are interested we have listed some popular farm areas to live in.


  1. Henley On Klip is located the south of Johannesburg.  It is a beautiful and tranquil area to stay in. There isn’t many shops in the area but you do have your basic shops so you don’t need to drive out far. Malls are located around 20 km’s away. There is a mall that many people travel to called Three Rivers Mall. The Glen and Mall Of The South is a 30-35 km drive from Henley. It is a close drive to get onto the R59 so you aren’t far from a highway.
  2. Monaghan Farm is north of Lanseria Airport. This area lies between Johannesburg and Thswane. It is 1 260 acres in size. There is a shopping mall that is only 17km away from the farm. This farm has country club amenities such as gym, pool, tennis & squash courts, business center, a restaurant and an excellent equestrian center. This is an amazing choice in farm living.

Cape Town

  1. Wynberg is a southern suburb of Cape Town. There is a Wynberg Boys High School in the area. It’s the second oldest school in South Africa. There is also a Wynberg Girls High School located in the area. There is a park, Open-Air theater and a church in the area.
  2. Constantia is 15 km away from the center of Cape Town. It is known as one of the most prestigious suburbs in South Africa. There is a valley that lies east of the Constantiaberg mountain. There are a number of schools in the area such as: Norman Henshilwood High School, American International School of Cape TownHerzlia Constantia, Constantia Primary School, Constantia Waldorf School, Reddam House and The Cape Academy of Maths, Science and Technology. It has good schools and it isn’t far away from the center of Cape Town. You get the best of both worlds.


  1. Botha’s Hill is a small town located outside Hillcrest. This village is the gateway to the Valley Of A Thousand Hills. This is a beautiful area that is filled with tranquility. Anybody could easily fall inlove with this area. It is only 37 km away from the center of Durban.
  2. Hillcrest is an independent town that is located in the outer west area of Durban. There is a public school called Hillcrest Primary school and a high school. There is also another primary school called Winston Park. There are private schools too called Highbury Preparatory School and Hillcrest Christian Academy .

Now that you have a better understanding of the disadvantages and advantages you can make a decision. We hope that this blog has helped you make up your mind. Happy house hunting!







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