There is so much that is happening this weekend, do you know about it? If not, your in luck! Here at movethisStuff we have listed where to be in JHB, DBN and CPT this weekend!


Arts&Culture Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Wits Theatre’s 969 Festival… Be here for the celebration for the 13th birthday celebration of Wits Theatre. There will be a showcase of work from all over South Africa, as well as International productions for both the USA and the UK. Make sure you are here. This event runs from 13 -24 July. To book follow this link! Ticket cost between R50 – R100.
  2. Amadeus Rocks… If you loved Roll Over Beethoven you will certainly love this. This is an event where both classical and rock music collide. Be there to watch Amadeus come back to life who has been giving a chance to rock and roll! This event runs from Tue 12 July – Sun 28 August. To book follow this link! Ticket Costs R180 pp.
  3. Sibusiso Bheka, Tshepiso Mazibuko & Lindokuhle Sobekwa – Free From My Happiness… This is a showcase that shows the work of 3 young South African photographers. These three young men grew up in a township called Thokoza. These photographers tell the story of how it is to grow up in a township. This event takes places from Sun 15 May – Sun 14 August. Entrance is FREE.

Music Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Beautiful Barbra – a tribute to Barbra Streisand… Cat Simoni & Johan Laas well be doing a performance of songs that shares Barbra Streisand’s story. This is going to be a magical performance. This takes place from Mon 18 – Sat 30 July at Auto & General Theatre on the Square. Call 011 883 8606 for more info.
  2. Legends of RnB, The Manhattans featuring Gerald Alston Special Guest Regina Belle… Is your faviroute or one of your favrioute genres RnB? Well then make sure that are at The Teatro at Montecasino to enjoy music from the legends of RnB. RnB lovers make sure you leave one of these dates open: Thu 21 – Sat 23 July. To book follow this link! Ticket Costs between R400 – R860.
  3. Filly Fridays… This event runs every Friday because every Friday is known as Filly Friday. At this event there are live bands, filly girls, beer pong and LOADS of prizes to be won! For more info contact 0763861191. Entrance is FREE. This takes place at Keg and Filly Sunninghill.

Lifestyle Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Parkrun… This is a 5km run at Albert’s farm. You don’t need to be an athlete to join, run for enjoyment and fun with family and friends. This event only takes place on the 23rd of July so make sure you leave the date available. You not able to make it to Albert’s farm? That is okay. There is also the same parkrun taking place at Lonehill, Roodepoort and Golden Harvest. For more info email . Entrance is FREE.
  2. Pic Nic New Town… This event takes place every Saturday at Newtown Junction. If you come to this event you can be expectant of seeing beautiful urban lawns, have shade, fun kiddy activities, cocktails, beer and 50 local designer shops. For more info email . Entrance is FREE. Call 011 492 0105 for more info.

Market Lovers Gather Around!

Some of the other markets listed on last weeks blog are still running. Here is a recap…

  1. Walkerville Farmers Market… Walkerville is located in the south of JHB, it is Gauteng’s best kept secret. It is a place of tranquility and amazing views of nature. Be sure to pop into this market on the 23rd of July where stalls will be selling farm-fresh produce and hand-crafted goods.  Entrance is FREE. For more info email
  2. Jozi Real Food Market… This one wasn’t listed last week so be sure to make a turn past here. Be here to experience South Africa’s gourmet talent that would very easily be a rival for European markets. Be here on the 23rd of July. Entrance is FREE.
  3. B&B Hillfox Market… There are many people who come to this market, are you one of them?  Well if you are then you know that there are over 250 stalls that have great bargains and amazing products. If you have never been here, we suggest you make a plan to sometime and experience it all for yourself. Entrance is FREE.

Arts&Culture Lovers Gather Around!

  1. I Love You, You`re Perfect, Now Change… This event take on the truths and the myths of something called a relationship. What exactly about a relationship? Well it is about dating, waiting for marriage, the in-laws, newborns as well as the nightmare that trips in a family car may hold. This is an event that will be sure to knock your socks off. SAVE THE DATE Wed 20 July – Sat 6 August. To book follow this link! Ticket costs between R125 – R250.
  2. Michaela Rinaldi timeless art pieces – Riebeek Kasteel… Do you love art? Well then this is the place to be! Explore art in a peaceful environment. Michaela Rinaldi will be showcasing her art works that are featured in her current collection as well as some art from her older collections. Don’t miss out art lovers. This event runs from Thu 22 October – Sat 31 December. Email for more info. Entrance is FREE.
  3. Colour Complex… Pirre le Riche will be preforming at Salon 91. Be there as he explains what it is like to be an Afrikaner in post-apartheid. He will be telling this story through his art. This will take place from the 29th of June up unil the 30th of July. Entrance is FREE. Email for more info.

Music Lovers Gather Around!

  1. 1 Hit Wonders… To all those artists who only had a one hit song, you deserve a tribute! I mean if your song left people singing it in the shower, at work or wherever for that matter, you deserve to be remembered. This takes place from Tue 12 July – Sun 28 August at the Barnyard Theatre. Follow this link to book! Tickets cost between R100 – R140.
  2. Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival… On the 22nd and 23rd of July 22 African artists will be performing at Baxter Concert Hall. Some songs will tell the journey of these artists. Are you dying to know what the line up is? Well here you have it: Ard Matthews, Arno Carstens, Tony Cox, Steve Newman, Andre De Villiers, Josie Field, James Stewart, Robin Auld, Tim Parr, Heather Mac, Wendy Oldfield, Gerald Clark, MacStanley, Laurie Levine, Digby and the Lullaby, Farryl Purkiss, Lionel Bastos, Claire Phillips, Andrew James, Jasmine Minter, Jennifer Eaves and Sonik Citizen. This is going to be an AMAZING event!!  Follow this link to book! Tickets cost between R195 – R235.

Lifestyle Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Soetes & Soup 2016… With this winter weather, soup will do just amazingly!!  This is a fun-filled event where you can enjoy complimentary cups of delicious soup that will be sure to warm you up! Enjoy live entertainment , soup and wine pairing, farmers market and MUCH more at   Breedekloof!! Be here on the 22nd of July. Follow this link to book! Tickets cost betweenR60 – R120.
  2. Keeping it Classic… South American dishes and classic rum cocktails from around the world will all be here for you to experience. This event will only run until the 23rd of July so if you haven’t made a turn past here yet, do it before it’s too late. Tickets only cost R100-R400 pp. Call 0214220909 for more info.
  3. Snow World…  The snow park will be open from the 1st of May until the 31st of July. This is for people of ALL ages. It includes fun filled snow and ice activities. Be there and enjoy a day out with friends and family! Follow this link to book! Tickets only cost between R50-R140.

Market Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Bay Harbour Market… This event is basically a wonderland filled with art, crafts, fashion, decor, music and delicious food! What more could a person want? Be here on the 22nd of July, don’t miss out. Entrance is FREE! Email for more info.
  2. V&A Food Market… This market offers scrumptious fresh food, as well as produce. V&A is Africa’s hottest venue, we are sure you will absolutely love it! Can’t make it this weekend? No problem! They are open 7 days a week. Email for more info. Entrance is FREE!
  3. Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market…This market is located i the heart of Muizenberg. In the gorgeous advanced in years warehouse you will find foods that will leave your mouth watering and goods that you can’t help but buy. This market runs every Friday between 4pm until 10pm. Entrance is FREE! Email for more info.

Arts&Culture Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Sweetie Darling… This is a romantic comedy that tells a story about a man that goes all out to prove himself. He finds himself, love and spiritual growth. This performance will take place from Tue 19 – Sun 24 July at The Playhouse Company. Follow this link to book! Tickets only cost between R50-R85.
  2. Earth-Water-Clay… The African culture is what needs to be held dear to all South Africans. At the Earth-Water-Clay festival African clay pots will be on display from the room to the ceiling. We must embrace where we come from. To experience this be at Phansi Museum. This event runs from the 14th of May up until the 30th of July. Email for more info. Entrance is FREE!
  3. ‘Out of the Blue’ art exhibition… Four very popular artists have travelled from far to be here in Durban to display there amazing art. This will be worth your while. This runs from Tue 16 February – Wed 30 November. Email for more info.

Music Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Six Of The Best… Are you a fan of Bon Jovi, Freddie Mercury, Meat Loaf, Billy Joel, Cher and Pink? Well be here then! This is an event that celebrates these great 6 pop icons! It takes place from the 31st of May till the 10th of July at the Barnyard Theatre at Emperors Palace. This showed last weekend in JHB and now its turn for you Durban! Follow this link to book! Tickets only cost between R70 – R155.

Lifestyle Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Revving up for the Duma Rally – Biking in the Berg!… You in the mood to experience some adrenaline while being in awe with your view? Then definitely don’t miss out on this event! It runs from Fri 22 – Sun 24 July. For more info email Cost: R2495 – R3390

Market Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Greyville Car Boot & 2nd Hand Clothing Market… This is Durban’s biggest weekly Flea Market.  Are you looking for bicycles, beds, belts, boots, bric-a-brac & books to curtains, cosmetics, plants or tools? Well then this is the place to be. For more info email Greyville Car Boot & 2nd Hand Clothing Market. Entrance is FREE for buyers. For sellers, stalls cost R70 each. Email for more info.

movethisStuff wishes you a wonderful weekend!


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