We all have those weekends where all we want to do is go out but sometimes we just aren’t sure where to exactly go? Sound familiar? This is where we can help, we have listed some hot & happening events taking place this weekend!


Arts & Culture Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Body Worlds Vital Exhibition… This is a new exhibition that showcases all the wonders of the body. If you come to this exhibition you will get a detailed look at the human body. You will get to see what happens to the body when human diseases strike and how it functions. It is an event not to be missed. This takes place from Tue 1 March – Sun 31 July at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre. To book follow this link! Ticket Costs: Adults R120 pp Weekdays, Adults R160 Weekends and public holidays. Children R100 pp.
  2. Amadeus Rocks… If you loved Roll Over Beethoven you will certainly love this. This is an event where both classical and rock music collide. Be at Barnyard Theatre | Emperors Palace to watch Amadeus come back to life who has been giving a chance to rock and roll! This event runs from Tue 12 July – Sun 28 August.To book follow this link! Ticket Costs R180 pp.

Music Lovers Gather Around!

Some musical events listed on last weeks blog will still be running. Here is a quick recap…

  1. 90’s Mania… Calling all those who were born in the 90’s, this is one not to be missed. A total 90’s mania party! This takes place from the Tue 12 July – Sun 28 August. Make sure to SAVE THE DATE! This takes place at the Barnyard Theatre in Rivonia. Follow this link to book! Tickets range between R120 – R180.
  2. Johnny Clegg… This will be a concert not to be missed. This magical artist will be performing an unforgettable show this July. This event runs from Fri 15 – Sat 16 July . Follow this link to book! Tickets range between R285 – R410.

Lifestyle Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Coffee & Chocolate 2016… Yum, that sounds like just what we need for this winter weather. Be here to have sample tastes of the coffee and chocolate and if you like it, buy it! Make sure you make at least one of these dates available: 14 JULY- 17 JULY 2016. Follow this link to book! Tickets range between R120 – R150.
  2. Dino Expo… You still haven’t made a turn past Eastgate to see this amazing event? The children and you will LOVE it! It is running from the 8th of July until the 10th. Follow this link to book! Tickets range between R100 – R120.

Market Lovers Gather Around!

Some of the other markets listed on last weeks blog are still running. Here is a recap…

  1. Walkerville Farmers Market… Walkerville is located in the south of JHB, it is Gauteng’s best kept secret. It is a place of tranquility and amazing views of nature. Be sure to pop into this market on the 9th of July where stalls will be selling farm-fresh produce and hand-crafted goods. Entrance is FREE.
  2. Harties Market… This is one of our faviroute places to go! It is located at the foot of Magalies Mountain in Hartebeespoort. The vendors will be selling mouth-watering food and artistic arts & crafts. Be there on the 9th of July. Entrance is FREE. Email annelien@hartiesmark.co.za for more info.
  3. Jozi Real Food Market… This one wasn’t listed last week so be sure to make a turn past here. Be here to experience South Africa’s gourmet talent that would very easily be a rival for European markets. Be here on the 16th of July.  Entrance is FREE.


Arts & Culture Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Untiled 2.99… The winter collection is being released. There will be new work by their current artists but also work from new artists.If you enjoy art be sure to be here on one of these dates Thu 2 June – Fri 22 July at 99 Loop Gallery. Entrance is FREE.
  2. The Inconvenience of Wings… The very talented Lara Foot’s latest play will be live. It is a play that puts bi-polar disorders and friendships in the spotlight.This performance will run from Tue 12 July – Sat 13 August at Baxter Theatre Centre. Follow this link to book! Tickets range between R130 – R150.
  3. Colour Complex… Pirre le Riche will be preforming at Salon 91. Be there as he explains what it is like to be an Afrikaner in post-apartheid. He will be telling this story through his art. This will take place from the 29th of June up unil the 30th of July. Entrance is FREE. Email info@salon91art.co.za for more info.

Music Lovers Gather Around!

  1. 1 Hit Wonders… To all those artists who only had a one hit song, you deserve a tribute! I mean if your song left people singing it in the shower, at work or wherever for that matter, you deserve to be remembered. This takes place from Tue 12 July – Sun 28 August at Barnyard Theatre | Cape Town. Follow this link to book! Tickets cost between R100 – R140.
  2. Ian Von Memetry… South Africa’s keyboard killer will be preforming Theatre on the Bay on the 29th of June until the 17th of July. Tickets only cost R100-R180. Follow this link to book!

Lifestyle Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Keeping it Classic… South American dishes and classic rum cocktails from around the world will all be here for you to experience. Be sure to make a turn past here anytime from 13th June until the 23rd July. Tickets only cost R100-R400 pp. Call 0214220909 for more info.
  2. Snow World…  The snow park will be open from the 1st of May until the 31st of July. This is for people of ALL ages. It includes fun filled snow and ice activities. Be there and enjoy a day out with friends and family! Follow this link to book! Tickets only cost between R50-R140.

Market Lovers Gather Around!

The same events we posted last week are running still. Here is a recap…

  1. V&A Food Market… This market offers scrumptious fresh food, as well as produce. V&A is Africa’s hottest venue, we are sure you will absolutely love it! Can’t make it this weekend? No problem! They are open 7 days a week. Email info@waterfrontmarket.co.za for more info. Entrance is FREE!
  2. Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market…This market is located i the heart of Muizenberg. In the gorgeous advanced in years warehouse you will find foods that will leave your mouth watering and goods that you can’t help but buy. This market runs every Friday between 4pm until 10pm. Entrance is FREE! Email bluebirdgarage@gmail.com for more info.


Arts &  Culture Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Taking Pause… This is an art exhibition that is open on the 16 June – Sat 16 July at Longmynd Art Gallery.This also includes sculptures by Carl Roberts and Peter Wink. Call 0837882417 for more info. Entrance is FREE.
  2. Little Red Riding Hood… Kids absolutely loved this… and the parents too! That is why they could not allow for the show to just die there. On the 28th of June to the 26th of July they will be having a performance at the Rhumbelow Theatre. Be sure to pick a date and make sure you are there. Follow this link to book! Tickets only cost R70.
  3. Earth-Water-Clay… The African culture is what needs to be held dear to all South Africans. At the Earth-Water-Clay festival African clay pots will be on display from the room to the ceiling. We must embrace where we come from. To experience this be at Phansi Museum. This event runs from the 14th of May up until the 30th of July. Email admin@phansi.com for more info. Entrance is FREE!

Music Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Six Of The Best… Are you a fan of Bon Jovi, Freddie Mercury, Meat Loaf, Billy Joel, Cher and Pink? Well be here then! This is an event that celebrates these great 6 pop icons! It takes place from the 31st of May till the 10th of July at the Barnyard Theatre at Emperors Palace. This showed last weekend in JHB and now its turn for you Durban!  Follow this link to book! Tickets only cost between R70 – R155.

Lifestyle Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Parkrun… This is a 5km run at North Beach. You don’t need to be an athlete to join, run for enjoyment and fun with family and friends. This event only takes place on the 16th of July so make sure you leave the date available. You not able to make it to North Beach? That is okay. There is also the same parkrun taking place at Grey Goose, Balito and Shongweni. For more info email http://www.parkrun.co.za/thousandhills/ . Entrance is FREE.

Market Lovers Gather Around!

  1. Essenwoord Craft Market… What’s better than spending your Saturday at a market? Pull through here to experience craft, art, collectables and treasures. This event takes place every Saturday so there is no need to be bumbed about it if you can’t make it this Saturday. Entrance is FREE. Email info@essenwoodmarket.com for more info.
  2. Bangladesh Market… Be here to view a vibrant and colourful Bangladesh market. This has become a very popular place for friends and family to enjoy a day out. This also takes place every Saturday. Entrance is FREE. Call 031 307 7595 for more info.




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