Your lounge  or as some like to call it your living area it the heart of your home, its the central point where everyone gathers to enjoy family or quality time with each other.

As its the centre of your home, its a space where you can show off your amazing taste & flare for design, we have put a few tips together to help you get that desired look you want to wow your guests the next time they come to visit you!

1. Clutter

Clutter is never good especially when it may be gathering collecting dust in the focal point of your home. Make sure to clear all clutter in and around this area, we don’t your beautiful sentimental accessories having to fight for the spotlight amongst all your other objects. Don’t let hording habits takeover the beauty of what could be in the centre of your home.

2.Don’t let your TV stand out

Having a big black TV in the center of the lounge doesn’t allow for the sophisticated ora to show. So in an attempt to hide that TV of yours, put up a few paintings or  even family to lure the eye away from the TV but rather to the beautiful surroundings. This will allow for the wall to have some life to it and the TV won’t stand out like a sore thumb. Great way to kill two birds with one stone!

3.Personalize your lounge

Yes it is all good to have the fancy things in your lounge but you also need to add a little bit of your own flavour to it. These could be different elements such as your favourite colour for scatter cushions, lampshades or even choosing that Persian rug you have been saving for.

4. Add wisdom

Apart from all the personal and colourful items, add an item that has historical significance behind it. This will incorporate some knowledge and wisdom into your lounge.

5. Mix things up a bit!

It’s time to experiment! Mix the textures, don’t be that boring person sticking to one theme throughout your home. Try incorporate different colours, themes and textures such as leather, glass, metal and our personal favourite wooden texture to your lounge area this will create a very inviting, homey and comfy look and feel.

6. Colour

Choosing a colour for your lounge is a very important decision you need to make and the reason we say this is because it basically sets the tone for that entire living area. We recommend warm colours such as your beige, white, cream, light grey or charcoal. These suggested colours allow you to then be quite playful when it comes to choosing the colour and texture of your furniture and accessories.

7. Furniture

What makes a lounge is obviously what is in it too! Make sure the furniture that you choose adds an exciting look & feel to the room. We understand that it is super fun to go shopping for furniture and we use the words”We will make it fit” but DO NOT do it! Using furniture that is too big will make your lounge look and feel crowded, it isn’t worth it.

8. Lighting

We don’t want your guests squinting their eyes to try and see what is going on and we most certainly don’t want them falling over anything. Make sure you have good lighting in your lounge. Remember that the TV already is a source of light so there is no need to add extra lighting there but if you have a rather large dining, living and lounge area that all flows into one, make sure to have enough light so that when your guests want to use the bathroom they don’t fall and trip over anything. We suggest some great lamps, reading lights and down lighters  where one can control the light to be used in these areas.

9. Shapes

Most of your lounge consists of rectangular shapes, your couch, rugs and tables. So we think it’s time that you spice it up and add some other shapes to it too. Use oval coffee tables or circular pillows. Make things a bit different… Or a lot!

Lets get cracking and have your lounge area ready for your guests during the cold winter evenings.




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