We all love our bedrooms, there is no denying that. If our bedroom feels somewhat out of place so do we…. So we decided to compile a few tips and tricks to getting your bedroom looking and feeling fabulous!

Pillows, pillows and more pillows!!

Come on, just pile them on. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit with the patterns. Combine large prints with small prints or geometric prints, heck combine what you want! Let those pillows embrace the creativity that’s fighting to be released within you.


Do you have a big blank wall in you room? Eeek! That is not acceptable. Hang some artwork, mirrors, photos of you & the family, you and the boyfriend or girlfriend or just you and your friends up there on that blank canvas of a wall, even if it’s something your kids threw together just cover that blank wall up!

Let those patterns be shown

Having printed patterns on your pillows or your blankets do more than what you may think. It can truly bring your room to life.

Other areas for print

Okay so you aren’t really keen on having print on your pillows or blankets. Well you can still incorporate it. It looks damn good on a lamp shade or even on your curtains.

Don’t hide personal things away

Is there anything your boyfriend, girlfriend, children, husband, granny or aunt created for you? Well why not add it? Your room should also be able to reveal your personal side too.

Have a comfy bedroom

Your bedroom needs to be comfy, if it isn’t why would you want to sleep there? Add a down comforter or those silky soft throw overs… or both.

Focal Point

Your room needs to have a focal point. This could be a beautiful piece of furniture, artwork, mirror or even your bed… Your choice.

Low-key room

Is your bedroom lacking some colour? That’s okay you don’t need to go extreme, why not add a few colourful pillows on your bed or even a carpet to pick up some of the colour tones used in your bedroom, it helps a lot!

Your rest matters

We know sometimes when life gets busy we sort of need our own quiet area. Put a chair in the corner of your room and let that be your quiet place.

Tight on space?

Have a small room but lots of stuff that needs to find a place somewhere somehow? Well you can create books to be your side table.

Clean room

Nobody likes an untidy room. It most certainly wont be your place for tranquility if its a mess… It will become a place that you want to avoid. Make sure you clean your room and when you do, do it properly. No shoving nonsense in your draws and leaving it for another day, that “another day” is unlikely to come.


Clutter… Where do we begin? We understand it is tough to get rid of things but don’t hold onto it if you know you wont use it. No “if’s, buts and or maybes” The clutter needs to go!

Accent wall

Yes sure most of us have all four of our walls one colour but that doesn’t mean we cannot be creative! Paint three walls in you room a white or neutral colour and the other a darker or more sultey kinda colour, think about pastel or even a bright shocking colour. Then place your statement furniture there. It will look great!

Now that you have all these tips and tricks, lets get cracking at bringing your room to life!


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