Your house is something that you can create and transform into a masterpiece, a place that takes your breath away.  This doesn’t always mean changing the tiles or wallpaper in your home, it can even be the simple things such as adding cushions or mats to an area.

We understand that you might not even know where to begin, thats why we have listed some  of our favorite tips and tricks to get you on your way.

1. Colour

Colour honestly can change the environment so much. Start off with creating a colour pallet. Come up with a basic colour scheme for your home and then follow through from room to room.

2016’s colour trending pallets are

  1. Lilacs and purples-  These colours can really make a room look sophisticated. Pairing these colours up with greys and blues will make the room stand out.
  2. Milky blues- It seems as if 2016 has been a popular year for milker colours.
  3. A dark teal- Now this colour looks absolutely amazing in a room that has wood.

2. Loved possesions

Put your loved possessions on display for all to see. You didn’t spend all that time and money to not put it out on display for everyone to see your most prized and loved possessions, bring those special pieces out! For example, if you have any expensive artwork hang them up on empty areas of the walls. Or if you have china ware set them on your kitchen counters or on your dinning room table. Don’t hide beautiful things away, bring them out for all to see.

3. Height

What do we mean by height? Well have you ever just walked into a room and thought “OMG this ceiling looks way too low!” Well we have a solution that doesn’t involve ripping your ceiling out and revamping. If you have furniture pieces that are low, purchase  one or two large mirrors and have them lean towards a vertical wallpaper design versus horizontal, it allows you to fake the height of your ceilings. Painting your roof a lighter colour than the walls will also fake ceiling height because there isn’t a clear line where the wall and the roof meet. Hanging your curtains up higher also fools the eye because it manipulates the room by basically stretching out the wall space.

4. Add Colour to the window trims.

Don’t be like everyone else, dare to be difference! We see window trims as an opportunity to create a statement around your home. Try painting your window trims green to match the landscape around your home. Another suggestion if you don’t have white or dark painted walls, try painting your window trims this colour. If you are that type of person who doesn’t like too much colour than you can paint the window trims the same colour as your wall  but have a lighter/darker tone for your ceiling. Paining the window trims a colour that is darker than your walls also brings out the room a lot.

5. Don’t hold back on the neutral colours

Add prominence by using neutral colours. These neutral colours such as grey stone, full moon, haven of coziness and grizzle gray.  Using neutral colours can make a room look very interesting.  Where you have painted your walls with neutral colours bring in soft pastel colours such as frosted tulip, dirty pink, aqua blue and dirty dusty yellow colours. You can use these colours in your living room by scattering a few cushions or having a few of your favourite photos stuck up on the walls in these colour frames to break the grey or charcoal colours. If you want more colour pallet inspirations check it out here!

6.Make the room brighter

Nothing is worse than a kitchen that appears to be dark and dull. Floor to ceiling cabinets give the illusion a dark room. If you paint the ceiling a colour that is a paler version of the walls it will fool the eyes and make it seem as if the room is brighter. If your bedroom also seems a bight dark ditch the overhead lights and rather go for side lights. A overhead lights makes a room seem darker.  Also in dark corners of your room put objects that create light like lava lamps, side lights, etc… If your lounge also seems to be lacking light insert white elements into your lounge. This especially goes for those lounges that have dark furniture and floors. You can also fill empty floor space with white/ pale colour rugs. Add lighting on side tables too.

7. Break out of the norm

Many of us match tableware items instead of mixing it up a bit. Next time you out and about at the shops try mixing it up, purchase a few miss-matched items here and there or go for something you would not normally go for and try something new.

Don’t be boring now! You will be surprised how it brings the  table to life. Try china sets or silver flatware and get ready to get those compliments from guests. Adding stone to your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen can give the room a unique twist. Adding wall murals will bring the room to life! There are many murals you can choose from too. Have a look at some of these murals.

We hope that these tips and tricks have found a place in your heart and you will apply them to your life. Get decorating!





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