We have reached the cold season, winter… It’s not fun being cold and  lets not forget to to mention not being prepared for it!

There is nothing better than spending the night in watching your favourite movie,  hot chocolate, marshmallows, and the fireplace heating up the room while you sit around with family and friends enjoying a good laugh!

Let us help you make this winter a joyful one by sharing some of our top tips on how to beat the Winter blues!

Here we have listed a few tips to get you prepared:

1. Your wardrobe 

Is your wardrobe prepared for Winter?

It’s time to  get that closet reorganized for the cold season. Pack those shorts and tank tops away and bring out those sweaters, leggings & long pants. Just as the seasons turn over so should your closet.

There is no need to buy a whole new wardrobe to gear up for the cold. We have  5 winter essentials that will not only help warm you up in but you can wear all year around!

Some of the most popular items in a women’s wardrobe are:

  • summer dress, 
  • shift dress, 
  • summer skirt and a 
  • pair of shorts. 

Now all you need is a bit layering to wear with these items:

  • Wool leggings
  • Boots (ankle/knee high)
  • Coat
  • Wool scarf/wrap.
  • Turtleneck

2. Get your windows ready

Have you lately taken a look at your windows? Check your windows for any holes that may need covering up before that Black South Easter almost feels like its in your living room with you!

3. Your fireplace

Make sure that the fireplace is all cleaned out and ready for the winter fires. Stock up on wood supplies, store extra wood supplies in the garage just in case, you do not want to run out half way through Winter!

4. Time for the gutters

Get rid of any blockages that may be piled up in your gutters.

5. Now to get the bed ready for the season

It’s time to put those heating blankets on,  pull those wool blankets and comforters out of the cupboards to make sure you are always warm and snug at night so you can get a bit of shut-eye this winter without the need to fret about the cold..

Lets also not forget to give back this Winter, please help support the Twitter Blanket Drive #TBD2016 check out the link here for more information http://www.twitterblanketdrive.co.za

Oh yes, we almost forgot the most essential tip. Stock up on the coffee, tea, hot chocolate, Horlicks and soup of course!



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