We can all admit that with the economy as is, most of us are downsizing and simplifying our lives whether it be moving in to a smaller home, apartment, selling 1 or both cars and or entertaining ourselves less over the weekends as life has just become too expensive.

So when it comes to gardening we have you covered! Succulent gardens can be anyone’s best-friend, no matter how big or small your home is, you can create a succulent garden pretty much anywhere your heart  desires.

These are just a few of our ideas:

  1. Your dining room table
  2. Hanging on the front door
  3. On a table in your study
  4. Your table at work or potted up around the yard.


We have listed a few different varieties of succulent plants you can choose from to get you going on creating your own succulent garden.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Zanzibar Gem
  • Purple Yam
  • Haworthia Cooperi
  • Aloe polyphylla

Some of these varieties are quite a mouthful to pronounce let alone trying to type them into Google to try and find pictures, so we thought we would make your life a little easier by giving you a link that lists all the South African succulent varieties.

Succulent Seeds

You may be thinking okay that’s helpful but where do I go from here? Yes, our movethisStuff team thought of that too!

Below we have listed the steps to get you going in starting your very own succulent garden.

Step 1

What you need?

  • Succulents
  • Small rocks
  • Container
  • Cacti and Succulent potting mix.

Step 2

The “How to’s”

  1. Place some small rocks at the bottom of the container to allow for drainage.
  2. Place your potting soil on top of the rocks.
  3. Arrange your chosen succulents in the soil and then put some rocks on top of them.
  4. Feel free to add any other decorations to add more of a “WOW” factor.


Step 3

Now to make sure that your succulents grow and don’t die on you check these tips out: 

  • If your plants are indoors keep them in a sunny area but make sure they don’t get too hot we don’t want them to get “sunburned” now.
  • Only water them when the soil is dry on the inside.
  • Plant your succulents in well draining soil made from cacti and succulents.
  • Make sure the container or pot you are using has good drainage, otherwise  your plants will not grow & they will die .
  • Water your succulents a bit more often during spring and summer time. Remember to check the soil often.

And with those tips in mind your succulents will be flourishing soon!




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