Herb gardens are great and everyone and anyone can create one, the best part is you don’t even need a lot of space to start your very own herb garden.

Its really easy, there are some really cool DIY projects to help you crate your very own herb garden….let’s check it out below.

First things first…  How to start a herb garden?

Step 1

What you will need

  1. Large clay or plastic pots.
  2. Quality potting soil.
  3. Plant fertilizer.
  4. A watering can or a hose.

Step 2

The “how to’s” 

  1. Plan your garden. Ask youself the question, what herbs do I use most often? Once you have worked this out we can get started on planting them! Our favorite herbs are: rosemary, basil, coriander, mint, sage, lavender and thyme.
  2. The next step is to purchase the herbs you have selected from your local nursery or super market.
  3. Seeds or plants is the question right? Our recommendation is to buy the following herbs as seeds as they seem to grow better when planted versus being bought; basil, thyme, chives and lemongrass. Herbs such as mint, tarragon and rosemary seem to do better when bought as plants.  
  4.  When planting herbs, spacing can often seem to be a confusing topic. So many different kinds of herbs need different spacing. So in order to make this easier, we have added a link that shows the spacing needed for each herb and it also has extra tips that come in handy : http://www.gardenherbs.org/herb_chart.htm 
  5. Drainage? It is important to plant your herbs in soil that will drain well. If you choose to plant your herbs in a container make sure that it has at least one hole at the bottom to allow for the water to drain.
  6. Potting soil is extremely important, ask your local nursery for a good quality soil. Your herbs will refuse to grow if they are placed in wet clay soil. Using slightly alkaline soil is the best for your herbs.
  7. Next is to choose where your garden will be. Try choose an area that is sunny and not windy. 

How to select your herbs for where they will be situated in your home?

These herbs prefer full sun:

  • Basil
  • Dill
  • Chives
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Tarragon


These herbs prefer some shade:

  • Mint
  • Lemon balm
  • Chervil

Here we have listed some fun and creative DIY herb gardens

  • Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jars are very popular, especially for herb gardens. Mason Jar GardenJust a friendly reminder if you are going to be using this herb garden option, make sure to place some stones at the bottom of the jar for drainage otherwise the soil will become too saturated when watering these plants.




  • Plastic bottle herb garden

Platic Bottle Vertical Herb Garden

We love this idea,  you can grow your herbs and have an enchanted forest of herbs on your wall.

Source: Rosenbaum.com.br







  • Gutter Plants

Gutter planter

Its not only pretty but also a  unique way to go about growing your herbs. The credit and DIY instructions goes to: Diyncrafts





Now that you have the steps and a few ideas on growing your very own herb garden, what’s  stopping you from getting started right away? Go and build your own unique and creative herb garden and share your pics with us on Facebook & Twitter.


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