I am pretty sure that when you hear the words “We are moving”, you almost want to run away, just the thought of it gives you an instant headache! It is the 3rd most stressful event in ones life after all, it’s right up there with death and divorce so we get it, its stressful!

That’s where we try and make your life less stressful and turn that frown back into a smile, you should be excited about moving into your new home, it’s a fresh start, an end of one  chapter and the beginning of another, we like to call it a new adventure!

Mondays are blue as it is, so I hope these packing & moving tips help cheer you up in preparation for your move!

Here are our top 10 tips:

  1. Make sure that your essentials are packed in a box that you won’t lose, mark the box clearly “ESSENTIALS” and make sure the movers place it in a room where it wont get lost in between all the boxes or keep this one in your car. This way you can enjoy your first night in your new home without having to look through every box to find your bed sheets, towels or clothes for the next day.
  2. Pack all your delicate and precious items in your life in your car rather, this will save you from having regrets about it later on in your move because of them breaking or getting lost inbetween everything else. These things could include your delicate items such as jewelry, glass mirrors, picture frames, ornaments etc
  3. Remember to pack your heavy objects in small boxes and your lighter objects in the bigger boxes, this will prevent the boxes from breaking. One of the most common complaints we receive from professional movers is that large boxes are packed with heavy items, this makes their job slightly challenging so lets help them out by packing correctly.
  4. Label each box per room, this way when all your boxes arrive you will know exactly which box needs to go into which room, it will save you both time and frustration.
  5. If you’re moving expensive art we suggest that you ask your mover about using special crating.
Wrap oil paintings in regular paper to prevent it from sticking and for all your pictures with frames behind glass, make an X with masking tape across the glass to strengthen it .
  6. This tip is for the ladies, place an extra cotton pad in your powder to prevent it from breaking.
  7. Dont you hate it when you are unpacking all your toiletries only to find out that they have leaked ALL OVER! Well here we suggest you cover the openings of your toiletries with Saran wrap (a thin plastic film) and then place the lids back on.
  8. In order to prevent your plates from breaking while moving, pack them vertically in a box instead of on-top of one another, they will be less likely to break. Wrap each plate in bubble wrap to protect it.
  9. Always make sure that you have sandwich bags somewhere near you so that you can use them to hold small parts of things that you have taken apart, like screws etc.
  10. Make sure that absolutely everything is packed before the movers come and take your stuff, this will prevent less chaos in the house.

There you have it our top 10 tips for packing before moving day. If you use these tips, you are guaranteed to have a stress-free and easier move!





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