Did someone say that it is time to renovate?

The feeling of excitement that overwhelms us when we think about spicing things up a bit around the home shouldn’t be determined by how big or small our budgets are from stopping us creating that excitement around the home!

Renovating on a budget

Decorating a new home or giving an old home a makeover can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be.

This is how to make it easier on the wallet:

1. Thrift stores

Yes, exactly like the song from Mackelmore, Thrift Shop.

Pick wood that can be treated simply and painted if need be.

Get to the store early! Be that early bird that catches the worm.

2. Decor Accents

ONE simple rule when choosing colours. 60% of your rooms colour is in the walls, 30% of your rooms colour comes from  your furniture and lastly 10% of the rooms colour comes from accent pieces.

Correct Colours. Your ceiling must be a light colour, your walls must be a medium colour and your floor must be a dark colour.

4. Furniture shopping tips.

 If you have kids or pets refrain from fabric that will tear easily.

Setting your budget. Set a limit on how much you want to spend, its so easy to go over board!

Measurements. We can not stress this one tip more importantly, MEASURE. Measure to make sure the item will fit in the space its intended for in your home.

FREEBIE SITES. Yes, FREE!! Visit: http://www.sagoodies.com/FREEBIES and http://www.findbestqualityfreestuff.com/global-free-stuff/free-stuff-south-africa/ .

5. Only pay professionals to do the principal things

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can do everything on your own. Professionals are needed at times, if you mess something up, it will cost you, don’t be that person, know your limits.

6. Do the easy stuff

There are various types of renovations you and your family can be a part of and not mess up, yay!  If you have the right tools you will be more than capable of doing a good job at the following as a beginner in the renovating space

  • fencing
  • landscaping
  • polishing floorboards
  • striping floorboards and
  • simple tiling jobs.
  • 7.Learn to compromise

This may be an unmanageable thing to grasp at times, but it is key. You have to be able to adjust your expectations to your budget.

Now that you possess these fruitful tips it is TIME TO GET RENOVATING!




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