What about interior design screams WOW to you?

Is it the fact that there are so many colour & fabric choices or is it the fact that you can create pretty much anything when being presented with a blank canvas?

We love interior design! Why? Well because you are the creator and can pretty much bring anything & any room in your home to life .

Lets take a look at what is trending for 2016

2016 will redefine luxury with items that tell a story of authenticity and timelessness without being ostentatious. Designs could include geometric shapes in fabrics, artisan glass and precious metals. Indigo blue, grey, gold and shades of pink are our colours of the year.


Artisanal objects, natural materials shot through with metallic, botanical themes, and a mid century modern furniture style incorporating some oversized pieces is the theme for 2016.

  • Golds and brass warm up a space whilst the use of reflective surfaces bounce light around a room.Consider bringing in a few gold metal trays brushed gold hardware or a contemporary brass light fitting.
  • Well crafted and timeless artisanal pieces
  • The use of plants, living walls, & horticulture inspired fabrics and wallpapers bring life to the walls in your home
  • Combining natural materials such as wood, stone, cork, metals (in particular brass and copper). Remember simplicity is key in the way each material will be mixed together.



In 2016 we see a  move towards richer, warmer, darker shades. Another hot shade to be used in conjunction with the likes of different shades of grey and blue is dusty pink . These colours should be paired with neutral tones such as marble and timber, or with metallics such as copper.

Finally  we get to embrace pink as the new neutral in 2016. It works equally as well as grey at providing a warm, soft backdrop for statement artwork, furniture and accessories and used cleverly, creates a sophisticated, contemporary look that’s clean and cosy all at once.

Pastels are still remaining strong, especially in artworks and soft furnishings when layered together with other stronger colours.


Texture & Patterns

There has been a real move towards the use of geometric and quilt-like patterns in floor tiles across a range of mediums from painted wood tiles to ceramics and encaustics, cement and even vinyls.

We see the return of traditional layouts, prints and materials.

  1. Florals: Big bold floral prints. Bold leaf patterns, floral prints will dominate wallpapers and fabrics.
  2. Copper and Rose Gold
  3. Tailored Decor: Tailored design, with an emphasis on symmetry and balance.
  4. Geometric three dimensional patterns. These will most likely be seen with cement and wood.
  5. Patchwork tiles and patterned tiles
  6. Eleclectic interiors a mix of paisleys, geometrics, florals and stripes, all incorporated under one scheme.


Room Design

Room design seems to be leaning towards the Scandi-minimal-cool look & feel. Think rich, deep colours such as inky blues and forest greens coupled with luxurious materials like marbles and metallic finishes, then topped off with luscious foliage for an urban jungle edge.

2016 trends for room design:

  • More and more rooms will look custom designed
  • Bold patterns along with glazed linens and dramatic juxtaposing
  • Simplicity, natural materials, uncluttered spaces, & handmade objects
  • Warmer colours, more natural materials
  •  Metal finishes.
  • Coloured walls and more classic shapes and styles



Now that you have some insight on whats trending in 2016 lets get started and get decorating those rooms!

“Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space- Unknown”



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